Want to stand out more with your direct mailing?

We offer maximum creative freedom for your direct mailing. The entire printing and finishing process takes place in house. You can also count on us for the development of a creative concept. In doing so, we make maximum use of our extensive technical possibilities in terms of image personalisation, colour, layout, size and finish. A whole range of creative options are available to make your direct mailing stand out more and/or increase the attractiveness:

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Read & print 

on envelopes

During the enveloping/covering process, we print an individual message in colour on the envelope.

By using the read & print principle we ensure that the contents of the shipment correspond with the personalisation data on the envelope.


You send a self-mailer without using an envelope. The direct mailing is printed, personalised and finished in such a way that it can be sent as a document on its own. We finish self-mailers in accordance with all permitted final formats. There are several closing methods: glue points, tear-off edges, sealing stickers, etc. Once opened, these self-mailers acquire their original, often striking format.

Direct mailing with extra functionalities

We can enrich your direct mailing – whether or not in the form of a self-mailer – with extra functionalities such as integrated or stuck on stickers, integrated cards, reply cards, return envelopes, scratch zones, perforated coupons with unique barcodes, gumming, holograms, special inks, samples, etc.

a VIP direct mailing

Your direct mailing distinguishes itself by means of heavier paper, textured paper or paper with a metallic, silver or gold look. Printing of the personalisation or individualisation in gold, silver or metallic is also possible.