Web Platform for Management of Own Printing Materials

With our MySmartcom web platform, we offer companies and organisations a total solution for the automated management of all their printed and communication materials. Customers who work with MyConnect have a secure internal webshop.

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secured WEBSHOP

MySmartcom is a web to print-plaftorm. Via this webshop, the various users (departments, business locations, branches, services, individual employees) order or download the desired internal and external printing materials according to the assigned rights and approval flows. These include business cards, product documentation, printed matter, personalised documents, consulting and downloading digital documents, etc. 


We take care of the entire logistics process. We produce personalised leaflets and documents on demand and send them directly to the recipient or to a central distribution point. If desired, we proactively manage the required stock for fast delivery. 

Through MySmartcom we optimise internal business processes, cut costs, monitor the correct application of the corporate identity and we show the follow-up of current orders in real time.