Take Advantage of Our Postal Knowledge

One of the most important costs involved in direct mailing are those charged for shipping. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the postal regulations of the national and international postal services we are able to optimise your shipping costs in various ways. You will receive a full overview of possible discounts in order to match the concept and cost options in the best possible way.

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Postage Costs

Cost optimisation for postal shipping takes place on several fronts, including specific delivery and sorting as well as concluding discount contracts with optimal postal rates. Additionally, we give you customised advice on determining the number of copies to be sent, the weight, the format, the content and the delivery time. Likewise, these aspects also have an impact on the final price of the shipment.

We can also select production materials based on a lower and therefore cheaper weight class. Sometimes small adjustments in size or closing methods make a big difference to the shipping costs. The faster the delivery, the higher the shipping costs become. So timely planning can result in significant savings. When there are multiple direct mailings addressed to one recipient, we can put these in a single package, which reduces costs. 


Distribution Channels?

Alongside the use of postal services, other distribution channels are also possible, for instance, distributing dealer packages with POS material to multiple locations or branches.