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Besides varying personal data, thanks to digital printing technologies and modern data management, it is perfectly possible to individualize each content element and/or photos according to the specific recipient. This enables us to offer complete one-to-one communication with a unique creation per recipient.

  • In traditional personalisation, we create variables within the text or image variables through separate print versions. We are talking here about segmented communication. In traditional printing this is a two-step process. In the first step, preprinting takes place in offset, then in a second run the variables are printed with a plano, matrix or continuous printer. This method is very suitable for a limited number of different versions with large print runs.
  • When we take the step towards complete individualisation of direct mailings, we no longer work with segmented content. We use words and images to create a customised unique message for each recipient, based on extensive data analysis and artificial intelligence. A fully individualised edition based on a personal purchase profile is perfectly possible. The printing process is fully digital via a single equivalent production run. This happens at a particularly rapid pace and in high quality, so that you can also react quickly with an individualised direct mailing.