Full-Service Solution for Your Individualised Marketing

Joos Connect strives for a close partnership with every client. We give our customers a full-service solution for their personalised and individualised marketing communication. To achieve this, we have a complete arsenal of innovative possibilities that we use in a well-considered manner for every assignment. Together we work out the right creative concept. Starting from our clear vision on data analysis, omnichannel communication and marketing automation, this takes place in print and online. You can also count on us for the production and complete handling of logistics.  We help our customers to connect better to their customers. We work together to find the appropriate creative concept and we engage the right communication channels.

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Customised Full-Service Solution

You can count on a full-service solution that aligns perfectly with your wishes and needs. Our marketing experts think along with you and work out customised solutions. We guide you from concept development to the complete handling of logistics. In addition, we work according to a structured and project-based approach..

Our years of experience in  direct mailings form the basis of our expertise. We translate this technically-oriented printing knowledge into creative applications for  door-to-door publishing and promotional printed matter. Individualisation and personalisation also form one of our main approaches?

We work out a complete customised solution. You can count on personal advice drawn from our many years of experience with direct mailings.

Everything under One Roof

The basis of the services we provide is formed by our extensive state of the art production facilities where the handling of printing (digital and offset), finishing and logistics all take place under one roof. This method guarantees short delivery times and maximum flexibility for our customers.

In addition, we invested heavily in expanding our digital capabilities. For example, we now have the necessary software and online platforms for thorough data analyses, systems for marketing automation and individualised content creation. 


Personalising and individualising marketing messages is what forms our great strength. Now more than ever, consumers leave valuable data behind in various ways. Within the limits of privacy legislation, this data offers lots of possibilities for personalised and individualised marketing applications. 

Joos Connect offers full-service solutions so you can address your customers individually from a multichannel approach. 

In a single production step, we print and personalise or individualise each element in full colour.

Data Management Support

In recent years, our services have not been limited to extensive personalisation and individualisation for  direct mailings. Step by step, we built up extensive expertise in thorough analyses based on collected customer data. 

This data management forms the basis of our services for setting up  marketing automation systems, in which your (potential) customers automatically receive individualised messages at the right moment and matching the customer journey. To do so, we start from an omnichannel strategy, in which print and online options are combined within the intended one-to-one communication.