Independent Specialist in DM, Part of a Family-Run Business Group 

Joos Connect is part of umbrella group, Group Joos. This family-run business group has roots that stretch all the way back to 1935. As a division within this group, we specialise primarily in  direct mailings. We also apply the options for personalisation and individualisation to the door-to-door publishing and promotional printed matter. Along with the growing options for data management and an omnichannel approach, we also offer our customers a full-service solution for marketing automation through online features and printing channels. We offer our customers a care-free service from A to Z.

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Collaborating with OUR SISTER DIVISIONS

In the interest of our clients, Joos Connect regularly cooperates closely with our sister divisions Joos Print and  Joos Smartcom. Each division starts from its own core activities, in which we strengthen each other for specific projects when this offers additional value.

Joos Print

is an internationally active printing company that specialises in large, high quality volumes. At this printing company with its extensive range of modern machinery, printing and finishing take place under one roof. 

Joos Print focuses on security printing, logistics forms, business printing and self-adhesive labels and tags.

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Joos Smartcom

Joos Smartcom is gespecialiseerd in doorgedreven data-analyses en marketing automation, waarbij een combinatie van print en online wordt ingezet.

 Ook voor Web to Print- en Omnichannel-applicaties is Smartcom uw partner.  

Met de generieke app VEEEW kan in real time augmented reality-content geactiveerd worden.

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Focus on Security and Quality

Quality and security are key to every assignment we carry out. We work with sensitive personal data, so that information security and the integrity of personal data always come first for us. 

We comply fully with the GDPR. We also hold an ISO 27001 certificate. This gives our clients the guarantee that their data will be processed extremely carefully. We guarantee the highest level of security and confidentiality at all times. 

Our sister company Joos Print is an ISO 14298 security certificate holder, which allows us to produce secure printed matter. In addition, we work in full compliance with the rules of the ISO 9001 quality management system. Continuous improvement is key to our daily operations.

Sustainability and Ecology

Sustainability is an absolute priority in our business operations. We actively reduce our ecological footprint in a great variety of ways. We reuse auxiliary and raw materials as much as we possibly can, limit environmental emissions and chemical waste and ensure separate waste flows. We can deliver an FSC® and PEFC certificate, which means that we use paper from responsibly managed forests. This high-impact environmental policy anchors Joos Connect in an ISO 14001 environmental management system. This allows us to constantly monitor and revise our work method wherever necessary

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Ecological Footprint

For example, we continuously invest in reducing our ecological footprint. Auxiliary and raw materials are reused as much as possible. We limit our emissions and make sure that waste flows are strictly separated.