Marketing automation & omnichannel

Building on our vast knowledge of  direct mailings in recent years we have acquired a great deal of expertise in thorough data analyses for achieving marketing and sales objectives. Based on these analyses, we put the customer journey into perspective and create different contact points with (potential) customers. These omnichannel contact points vary in channel and form, in which the options of both print and being visible online lie within our capabilities. By setting up a complete system for marketing automation, we reduce the manual workload. We also guarantee a total service for this work sequence based on data analysis, mapping out the customer journey up to and including setting up the entire marketing automation. Everything proceeds according to a project-based approach. Within this entire work sequence, we take care of the creation, execution and shipping of both the printing orders and the online content.

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Communicating on the Basis of the Customer Journey

A contemporary marketing approach starts with the customer journey that a (potential) customer goes through. The specific needs of (potential) customers depend on the phase that they are in within this customer journey. The customer journey includes the entire lifecycle of a customer, from the prospecting phase to the effective purchase and the time to say goodbye.

At the Right Moment

A company that wants to make be a big hit in the field of marketing creates and sends the necessary communication at the right time to make sure that the (potential) customer receives the desired information at every step. This helps to gradually convince the potential customer and/or stimulates repeat purchase.

Different Channels

Within an omnichannel approach, these contact points take different forms, depending on the specific preference of each (potential) customer. Our options for personalising, individualising and segmenting printed and online messages are perfectly in line with what is necessary to develop a system for omnichannel marketing automation.

This automated approach can be used to make existing customers more loyal, convert leads into effective customers, generate leads, increase conversion, cross-selling and up-selling.

Thorough Data Analyses for Individual Content Creation

Data analysis based on big data form the indispensable basis for creating an individualised message within contemporary marketing. Product and customer behaviour are identified in meticulous detail using intelligent algorithms. This way you know exactly what needs your customers have and you can respond to this with individualised communication.

Next Best Offer

Based on artificial intelligence, existing customers receive a relevant product offer either digitally or via print according to the principle of “next best offer”.  This gives you an important competitive advantage within a very dynamic market.

Integrated Real Time Processing

In addition, we can integrate perfectly with your existing ERP and/or CRM software. Every day we automatically transfer the relevant product images and texts to our platforms. Within these processes we integrate intelligent techniques for text and image optimisation, including automatic adjustment of the text length. All this leads to an individualised output, which is based in real time on the purchase history of a specific customer. We use these processes to individualise both the printing (catalogues, leaflets, inserts,  direct mailings,…) and the digital campaigns (mailings, SMS, PURLs, etc).     

Automated process

This data-driven approach leads to extra sales, price optimisation and increased loyalty. In collaboration with you, we set up an automated process whereby each customer –  both on paper and digitally – receives individualised content according to the required frequency. 

We give you advice to help you develop this individualised and automated customer approach that includes, per customer:

  • A detailed product selection
  • A The right channel choice: print or online
  • Access and delivery to various (digital) mailboxes and communication platforms
  • Customised incentves
  • Dynamic price setting
  • Personalised price discount
  • Intelligent coupons

With this data-driven and individualised approach, you use your available marketing budget in the most efficient way. Therefore, we deploy various communication channels in a well-considered way.