Striking door-to-door leaflets with segmentation

Our technical and creative options for direct mailings also give door-to-door publications immense additional value. Whether it concerns technical printing elements or finishing the possibilities are the same. We ensure that your door-to-door distribution stands out and contains the right segmented message. This segmentation with targeted offers or references to specific locations or dealers is possible on a geographic basis in accordance with the distribution rounds. Besides this, we can add response-enhancing elements such as a (unique) barcode, QR code or numbering on each copy.

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The Possibilities of Door-To-Door Distribution

Door-to-door delivery offers many ways to reach a wide target audience using paper as the medium of communication. The main difference: we are talking here about an unaddressed delivery, where the recipient of the message is not approached directly. 

In most cases, when it concerns a door-to-door distribution we use an original door-to-door leaflet or an insert. These inserts are sent in advertising packages, newspapers or magazines.

Striking and 

Creative Appearance 

In a door-to-door distribution arrangement, it is important – even more so than with direct mailing – to be creative. This is the only sure way your message will stand out in the usually well-filled letterbox of your potential customer.

The technical possibilities we can provide regarding striking shape, dimensions, extra functionalities, special paper, etc. are particularly extensive. Through a creative and thoughtful approach, we ensure that you achieve the intended marketing objectives. 

Some examples of striking communication tools include:

  • Fluo inks, scented inks, scratch inks
  • Holograms
  • Labels
  • Integrated reply card or reply envelope
  • Unique numbering, barcodes or QR codes
  • Integrated cards or stickers
  • Addition of samples or incentives

The addition of direct response options makes the effect of your door-to-door distribution more measurable. The combination with  marketing automation or augmented reality  is also one of the options for a door-to-door publication. 

Total Service 

We also offer the same total service for segmented door-to-door printed matter. We assist you from the creative phase up to and including delivery to the distribution partner. We take care of the required production and finishing of the different versions. You can also count on us for the selection and counting of the addresses allocated for distribution. We also help to inform you about the potential impact and return on investment resulting from door-to-door campaigns.